Lee Pettman

Chairman, Slough Conservative Association

Council Candidate, Cippenham Green

TeL: 07972 229211

Ward Email: lee4cippenham@gmail.com

Association Email: chairman@sloughconservatives.org.uk


"Running as a candidate for election to represent others is a privilege – and I am grateful not only to be doing so in the May 2019 council elections, but even more so to represent our amazing ward of Cippenham Green. I have lived around here for a few years now and I am so impressed by it, full of warm, friendly and proud people who have welcomed me like one of their own. It is also diverse, with a great mix of families, professionals and pensioners – which makes it an even better place to live.

When I realised how poorly the council was looking after our council tax I wanted to do something positive to promote change and entered local politics. Unfortunately for us as residents, we have Labour councillors who have let us down and not represented our interests properly.

Labour are letting our village down

  • Only after considerable pressure from residents did the Labour council and our Labour councillors back down on the proposed redevelopment of the Co-Op site on Elmshott Lane into a 4-storey residential complex of mostly one-bed flats with no consideration for impact on residents.
  • We witnessed the destruction of the cul-de-sac green verge imposed on residents in Cippenham Close, tarmacking over it to create parking spaces it didn’t need – without consultation and in complete disregard of the residents who had ALL signed a petition against it.

Labour are letting us down across Slough

  • Slough has become the third most polluted town in the South East, a massive contributor to poor health of residents – and they support Heathrow expansion without any real mitigations in place on air quality.
  • Our roads are so bad that the time spent in traffic congestion is more than double the average for England, and they are amongst the least safe in the South East.
  • We still cannot recycle food waste, and recycling rates are amongst the worst in England at just 26%, and still falling – not a sustainable approach to preserving our environment for future generations.
  • They have wasted millions of pounds on pay-outs to council staff having churned through more CEO’s than you can shake a stick at and are splashing-out on over £40m of debt to buy a new council office.
  • 10 years have passed by and they have done virtually nothing to improve the high street for residents – watching it decline from 57th in the country to 163rd as a shopping destination.
  • The government had to step in to remove Children’s Services from the council and setup a trust to look after it as they couldn’t even oversee the welfare of our most vulnerable young people properly.

All of this is Slough Labour in action. Failing to put our quality of life first, failing to protect our towns’ environment from overdevelopment, failing to regenerate our town centre so that is fit for residents and failing to look after our hard-earned council tax. There has never been a more pressing time for us to have an independent voice to represent our village at council – and fight for a cleaner, brighter town.

I hope I can meet as many residents as possible to persuade you that I am just an ordinary resident who has your interests at heart and can finally provide us with that voice against the Slough Labour ‘one-party state’ mentality.

Please contact me whenever you need if you have any issues you think I can help with, I am here for all residents. If you can support my campaign in any way please let me know."


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Let's put Slough at the centre of a Global Britain post-Brexit

Today we have written to the new Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss MP and the newly appointed Freeports Advisory Panel she announced last week to ask them to consider Slough as one of the up to ten proposed new ‘Freeports’ that the government are looking to establish post-Brexi

Political bias in education must end now

Over the last week we have been working with a number of students who attend the St Josephs School in Slough, who have each supplied disturbing statements in regards to the political bias displayed by senior staff at the School. This morning their issue was published by the Metro newspaper.

Slough Labour spin over green space development proposal exposed

Spin by Slough Labour over their developments on our green spaces in the town has reached dizzy new heights this week following the distribution of a letter to residents from Labour Central ward councillors over the threat to Bowyer Recreation Ground that even Tony Blair would be proud of.

Slough Labour's Recycling Rates Shame

With Slough having been named as having the second worst recycling rate in the South East last week, we are calling on the Labour Council Leader Cllr. Swindlehurst and Cabinet Member for Environment to apologise to residents for their failure.

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